Our Diagnostic Software Training Goals:

Reduced Fleet Downtime + Increased Fleet Efficiency + Reduced Outsourcing of Repairs = INCREASED PROFITS

With the dire shortage of qualified Diesel Technicians on the market today and a broken apprenticeship system, addressing employee skillsets makes smart business sense. Countless studies have shown that companies that invest in their employees have a much higher employee production and retention rate. If you are wanting to improve your techs diagnostic abililities, our training is the solution.

Benefits of Employer Managed Online Training

  • Track student course progress from start to finish
  • Access training anytime, anywhere, from any device at home or in the shop.
  • Indexable, micro-video lessons for simple and effortless repeatable viewing
  • Here's how it works:


    Employer enrolls one or more student mechanics into any training course provided, allowing for full group progress tracking. To set up a Group Analyst account for student enrollment contact us at info@diagnostic-hub.com. A monthly account fee of $75, plus a course fee per student will apply.


    Your Group Analysts will be able to view data on student progress from directly within your Diagnostic-Hub account, and will have the option to export Group progress reports in a .CSV format with the following details:

    • Student First Name
    • Student Last Name
    • Company Name or Group Location
    • Completed At - this is the date on which the student reached 100% completion
    • Started At - this represents the date when the student first accessed the Course Player for the course
    • Activated At Date - the date the student enrolled in the course
    • Expires At - the enrollment expiry date (only included in the CSV export)
    • Course Name
    • % Viewed - Lessons that student has navigated to within the course
    • % Completed - Lessons where student has clicked Complete & Continue in the Course Player to mark the lesson complete
    • % Custom Fields (only included in the CSV export)


    Each student Mechanic enrolls in a course and self-manages progress. Individual course fees will apply.


    • Student Progress Report
    • On-Demand training
    • Industry experienced and qualified Instructors
    • Students learn at their own pace
    • Real-time tracking of all individual course progress
    • A searchable reference library of hundreds of short training videos
    • High-quality videos with closed caption capabilities
    • Diagnostic Hub Certification upon completion of programs

    Keep your fleet on the road and keep money in your pocket. Get expert training started today!